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Mishiguene - #15

Let me start by saying we didn't do our research before coming to Mishiguene and didn't realize this would be jewish-argentine cuisine, but rather saw it bump from spot 29 to spot 15 and happened to be staying within walking distance of the restaurant. That being said this quickly become one of our new favorite spots on the list. We highly recommend the tasting menu as a lot of these dishes were new for us and to get the full experience you definitely need to taste it all.

First of all they brought out the homemade bread and pickle and yes we ate all of the pickles, they are AMAZING and I wanted 3 more jars. Each dish after that was a fantastic blend of colors and textures, but the flavors were absolutely unmatched. Hummas stuffed peppers, short rib with beans, baba ganoush and pierogis all absolutely beautiful and delicious. The smells radiating from this place will absolutely stop you in your tracks, all with a side of wine from D.V. Cantena. Definitely recommend.

Rating: 8 / 10

Must try: The full tasting menu. We would have been entirely lost without it.

Downside: I don't think it's necessarily a downside, but more a fair warning that these dishes might not be the favorite of a textural eater.

More photos and videos available on Insta:

Book a reservation or view the menu on Insta: @mishigueneba

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