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Don Julio - #2

We actually tried Don Julio about a month ago now, but we were so disappointed I put off writing this summary until I could do so a bit more unbiasedly. Didn't happen and I'm still mad about it so let's get into it and get it over with shall we?

You could walk down the street in Palermo Hollywood and drunkenly stumble upon a steak comparable to Don Julio - do NOT waste your money. Elena, Bestia, La Cabrera and La Brigada are all a thousand times better for a fraction of the price. Don Julio has clearly paid their way onto the 50 best list somehow as the entire experience felt like a glorified Olive Garden.

First and foremost Don Julio is a busy place, it's clear folks are trying to get in last minute and even if you have a reservation months in advance you will likely wait a bit for your table, no worries it happens. You are handed a glass of champagne (read: Andre) while you're waiting in what I can only guess is an attempt to get you drunk before they usher you inside. Once inside they will bring out bread to the table (don't eat it, it tastes like playdoh) followed by a single cut tomato. For those who don't know Don Julio is famous for their tomatoes and it was a delicious tomato so I have to give them that.

We then ordered the Provoleta (a specialty in Argentina, this is a huge chunk of melted provolone cheese) followed by a sausage, our steaks and dessert. The sides were all very basic so we decided to skip them and opt for more steak. The Provoleta was dry and hard, the sausage was ok at best, the steak was good, but easily something you could find at an outback steakhouse chain in the states and the dessert, which I was desperately holding onto as the potential savior of this meal, was a mid-tier gelato you could find at a corner store and a flan that smelled of day old eggs. So incredibly disappointing.

This is definitely a tourist trap, please don't waste your time and money.

Rating: 2.5 / 10

Must try: Nothing. Giving a 2.5 for the quality tomato only

Downside: Everything.

More photos and videos available on Insta:

Book a reservation or view the menu on Insta: @Donjulioparilla

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