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Manzanar - #69

First I want to apologize for the picture quality on this one as the restaurant was very dark and truthfully we were very hungry. 😇

The quality of the food however was definitely worth taking a 5 hour trek from Buenos Aires to Montevideo. Hans said his favorite part was actually the tomato and surprisingly though the octopus was fantastic, my favorite would have to be the ceviche. If you're a spicy food connoisseur like Hans and I you may notice a severe lack of spice in Argentinian food that was delightfully evened out by this ceviche with a kick. It wasn't so spicy it burned, but we didn't realize how much we missed a strong spiced heat until trying this bad boy.

We don't have other restaurants in Uruguay to compare this one to unfortunately, but another thing that took us by surprise here was the speed of service. This could be standard for the area or because this is a bit more of a touristy location that is likely used to catering to a more sped up western-style dinner time, but we were in and out in just about an hour despite three courses and working our way through them leisurely. This is absolutely unheard of in Argentina in our experience so we were a bit surprised.

Rating: 8 / 10

Must try: The ceviche! We've had many a ceviche in BA, but this one was by far our favorite to date.

Downside: This spot is clearly a bit touristy and catering to a bit of an older crowd. Not really a downside, but be prepared to be surrounded by folks shining their flashlights to be able to read the menu. I was blinded a couple times by this so definitely a real hazard to be aware of.

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