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Julia - #50

At Julia's we felt like we were being let in on a little secret. Thanks to a a lovely waitress at Chila (shoutout to Jeanne!) earlier this same week we were able to get in at Julia's very quickly and receive some fantastic service! Our biggest surprise upon entering was just how small this restaurant is, just 9 tables. This made it feel romantic and cozy and not at all crowded which we greatly enjoyed. Hans wanted to order literally the entire menu and I could understand why. It was small but packed a punch, just like the restaurant itself. The cucumber and kiwi dish you see first above also featured cilantro flowers which we had never had before, but were so flavor packed we had to ask what it was. Every dish packed a huge flavor punch with by far the boldest flavors we've tasted on a 50 best list restaurant so far including a pate topped with green apple. We will certainly be back for more at Julia's soon.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

Must try: The sweet fortified wine (featured in photos). This felt like a dulce de leche port wine to us and was so good we bought a bottle for home.

Downside: Some dishes felt a tad unbalanced, but that's the price of boldness. The pate was so rich we would have easily paid the same price for half a portion.

More photos and videos available on Insta:

Book a reservation or view the menu on Insta: @Julia.restaurante

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