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Glossary of Links

Below is our useful link list that we will continue to add to overtime. This includes the best places to eat in cities all around the world and insights into how we stay organized and prepared while traveling!

Click a header to quickly navigate to the link list or scroll through all the links and their uses below.

Best Restaurant Lists

These are our recommendations for the best restaurants in cities we've been to together so far.

Pet Travel

Pet Travel can be very difficult to navigate so we've listed out some resources that might be able to help. 

High risk rabies countries

Countries the US deems to be too high-risk to re-enter the US. Consult before traveling.

Step by Step Instructions

General instructions for entering a new country with your pet

Human Travel

Human Travel can also be difficult. These are some resources that can help.

Onward travel tickets

Tool for booking onward travel, required for entry to some countries ($15/pp when needed, no memberships)

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