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La Brigara - #83

La Bridgara is another that is technically on the best 100 list not the best 50, but they have a notable story and the meat is INCREDIBLE! The chef Hugo Echevarrieta, was once visited by Anthony Bourdain in 2012 and after seeing the server cut the meat with a spoon he insisted the spoon must have been sharpened beforehand. The server then flipped the spoon over and cut it with the handle. The meat definitely lived up to the hype!

No stills other than this mostly eaten plate just yet because we have yet to wait long enough to take a picture here. We've been back again since and will probably be back another 10 times before we leave.

Rating: 10 / 10

Must try: The Sausages were unexpectedly amazing! We brought some home for homemade Choripan

Downside: the salad was lacking, but you don't go to a steakhouse for the salad right?

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