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Chila - #26

Chila was nothing short of fantastic! The experience started off amazing with a us literally tearing into our menus to get a detailed map of where our food was coming from and a general outline of what was going to be served. Every step just got more and more interesting with our beet dish being roasted by blowtorch in front of us to the secret course that moved us into the kitchen for a bit to let us watch it's creation to the strawberry crumble that reminded us of an old childhood treat, we were entertained and amazed the whole night. While this is definitely one of the pricier menus we've had in Argentina so far, we understand why!

Rating: 9.5 / 10

Must try: The wine pairings! Currently there is a honey mead on the menu that was so good we had to buy a bottle to take home.

Downside: The last dish was a heavy ice cream sandwich and felt a little too heavy for the last course of a tasting menu, but it was outstanding so we weren't particularly upset at this.

More photos and videos available on Insta:

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