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Aramburu - #28

Aramburu is a luxurious 18 course tasting menu with a surprise in every bite. We spend the evening reminiscing about the flavors on each plate as several tasted like an elevated version of a childhood dish. The creamy cheesy soup served in an artichoke reminded us of a cheddar broccoli soup but a thousand times better. While one of the final dessert courses was an exploding mojito bite that reminded us a bit of a boba. Everything was fun and the staff was fantastic, explaining everything in greater detail when asked and even recommending a winery or two in Mendoza for later in our trip.

Rating: 9 / 10

Must try: Hans' favorite was the beat and goat cheese appetizer, but Alysha loved the scallop puffs. The wine pairings are ABSOLUTELY worth it.

Downside: The sunflower dish was the most beautiful, but the worst flavor-wise.

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