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Buenos Aires: The "Not on the list" List

Ok so we already left Buenos Aires, but I had to curate this list for my own use when we visit again so here it is for your consumption as well: the official 'not on the 50 best list, but totally should be' list! Some definitely deserve a top spot in next year's list and others we just highly recommend you try during your stay.

Save the full google maps list here


By far the best Vegetarian restaurant in the city, but also safe to say one of the best restaurants in the city - full stop. Also a relaxed, friendly staff and an absolutely gorgeous atmosphere. A must-try in Buenos Aires.

Juan Pedro

We were absolutely craving some Mexican food after a staggering THREE MONTHS without it and these tacos hit the spot. We probably ate or ordered out from here four times in January and every dish was perfect, but the pastor tacos with black beans and a side of elote - chef's kiss.

Website | Instagram | Maps

Mad Pasta House

These chefs have become like an obsession for us while we stayed in Buenos Aires. Their food is always outstanding at their separate restaurants so we took a trip up toward San Isidro to try out a new concept they started together and we still rave about it. Book your seats in advance, especially if they're doing a special menu night. Hans and I are both certain they will be on the 50 best restaurant list in 2024, so book while you can!

Electric Pizza & Togni's Pizza

Both excellent pizza places that deserve a mention, but for different reasons. Electric Pizza for it's more authentic tasting crust and ingredients, but that deep-dish Togni's Pizza took me back to a small town Pizza Hut in the midwest in all the best ways.

Electric: Website | Instagram | Maps Togni: Website | Instagram | Maps

Dulce Charlotte

A super cute brunch spot in Palermo Hollywood with a gorgeous street view and charming atmosphere. Highly recommend the fruit filled french toast and a hot latte, bonus points if it's raining.

Website | Instagram | Maps

La Garage

We unfortunately only got to get out to La Garage once, but we did try a variety of items (most not pictured, sorry not sorry) and everything they made was outstanding. Not a single baked good we didn't love, but the cinnamon roll and salted dulce cookie were quick favorites.

Website | Instagram | Maps

Cocu Boulangerie

This was our first brunch in BA so we might be a little biased, but we loved Cocu's eclairs, salmon brioche toast and delicious teas. Arya was also a huge fan of the portion sizes.

Piedra Pasillo

Our favorite chefs of Buenos Aires recommend this location as well and we can certainly see why. Beautiful atmosphere with very unique dishes. The main shown below is beets made four ways and a crispy skinned duck. We compare all other duck to this duck from now on. 10/10 highly recommend stopping here, book in advance!

Trattoria Olivetti

Located in Palermo chico near the Japanese garden this little place is tucked away in a corner. I can see how it might easily be missed, but it shouldn't be. The pasta was always done to perfection, sauces on point and even the tiramisu outstanding. We ended up going back a couple more times even after moving to the other side of the city.

Corte Comedor

A friend of ours from the city invited us to dinner and we're so glad she did. This is yet another fantastic steak in Buenos Aires, but with the addition of amazing sides and bread. The charcuterie and fresh dishes were so fantastic and believe it or not we didn't have much left at the end of the night between the three of us.

Fa Song Song

A hidden Korean food spot in Retiro that will make sure you're not hungry. The spice levels were amazing and the dumplings were incredible. Definitely recommend stopping by if you're in the area and if you're not maybe make time.

Website | Instagram | Maps


Every dish here was absolutely jaw-dropping. How this place isn't on the 50 best restaurant list is insane to us. This blew Don Julio clear out of the water, but also held a strong candle to some of our super favorites like Aramburu, Chila and more. Make time to visit Bestia!

We have a few more recommendations in the google maps list at the top of the page, but these were some of our favorites and deserved some special attention.

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