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The Best Food in Belgrade, Serbia

We felt a bit uncertain traveling to Belgrade after striking out in France, but were pleasently surprised to find the food scene to be eclectic, unique and full of flavor! After a total of three months in Belgrade I finally feel qualified to list the absolute BEST restaurants in Serbia, many of which are being sorely overlooked by locals and tourists.

Bone marrow at Smokvica
1. Smokvica

There are a few locations of this concept in Belgrade, but this was definitely my favorite. Located between Stari Grad and Dorcal this is a super happening spot in Belgrade so plenty to see if you go for a walk after dinner. Also, this concept is attached to a cute little BnB! We didn't get a chance to stay, but given the area I would definitely stay here if I was in town again.

beans on toast at little bay in belgrade
2. Little Bay

Little Bay is certainly not an under-loved gem, it can be busy at just about any time of the day, but I recommend booking a theater seat for Friday or Saturday Night to get the full experience. Live music in the center of the restaurant, outstanding service and delicious dishes will make you want to come back for more. Be sure to try them for breakfast at some point as well, the beans of toast which is normally a very dull dish is absolutely next level.

Turkish eggs at bloom
3. Bloom

Right down the street as well is Bloom, my favorite brunch restaurant, maybe ever! I cannot stress enough the need to try the Turkish eggs and immune booster. This will make your morning, I promise.

Another huge bonus: they are pet-friendly and smoke free.

Brunch special at Toro

4. Toro

One last brunch/dinner combo recommendation, but I promise it's a great one! Toro offers a brunch special on Saturday and Sunday mornings that allows you to taste almost their entire menu for about 30 euro (for two people). Absolutely worth the price and being right on the river, the walk is fantastic as well.

Tacos at La chona
5. La Chona

An absolutely must have for the folks that can never get enough tacos. Order a few, grab a drink order a few more. The relaxed atmosphere and amazing cocktails make La Chona a 100% certified underrated gem of Belgrade!

Ossobuco at Iva new balkan
6. Iva New Balken

Stepping it up to a Michelin starred resto, Iva New Balkan does not mess around! High end dishes for great prices and yet again in that gorgeous spot near Studentski Park. Come for a late breakfast/early lunch and there will definitely be no line. Make sure to try the Ossobuco!

Tiramisu at Giulia
7. Giulia

Ok, yes this restaurant is in a mall, but just trust me on this. Giulia has the absolute best Italian flavors in Belgrade hands down. Excellent service, wines, dishes and if you're lucky enough to sit outside an amazing river view. We probably visited this restaurant more than any others because it was so close to where we were staying, but you can't deny the Tiramisu after you try it. Pro tip: Ask for the flavored olive oils, they make ALL the difference!

Steak at tomahawk

8. Tomahawk

Best steaks in Belgrade! We noticed steak seems to be a bit of an afterthought at some restaurants so when we were craving steaks we wanted to go somewhere that would do it right and wow were we pleasantly surprised. Great steaks, but the SERVICE was some of the best we've had ever!

Pumpkin ravioli at Enso

9. Enso

Enso has a cool, relaxed and bold take on local flavors with edgy cocktails and crazy plating. The plates come out fast and hard, no ceremony, just flavors and vibes.

For example this dish was a pumpkin and hazelnut ravioli. I would never have thought to use those flavors in a pasta, but it worked beautifully!

Cevapi and burek tasting menu at Salon 1905
10. Salon 1905

This restaurant is almost victorian in design, elegant and focused on local Serbian flavors and how to elevate them. They walk you through each dish and how it relates to Serbian cuisine and even where it comes from.

This dish was a taster of the classic burek and cevapi, but with a whole new twist on what you'd expect to see. By this time we were already maybe a bit too familar with cevapi, but not like this!

These last two are competitors for who can be the BEST resto in all of Serbia, but I think it comes down to what you want more on the night you decide to go out. I definitely recommend both if you can squeeze it into your trip and be sure to try the full tasting menus to get the full experience!

Stay tuned and as always check out Instagram to see more of our photos from this trip and others! 📸

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