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Andorra: The non-Schengen country between Spain and France

We spent out Labor Day Weekend this year in Andorra!

Andorra is nestled between Spain and France in southern Europe and is surprisingly not a part of the Schengen region. This means you can enter Andorra and the time spent there does not count toward your days in Schengen. We read online that you would not receive a date on your passport stamp to enter and I'm happy to report that is false. We did get a clear date on our passport stamp upon entry and exit. It is important to note you have to park at the checkpoint and enter the building to get the stamp however.

We had also heard online that Andorra didn't have that much to offer for long term travelers so we wanted to scope it out before making any kind of long term commitments and let's just say this is why you should always visit a country with an open mind. We agreed we could easily spend a year here and not get bored. Great food on every corner, tons of shops, and the landscapes are breathtaking no matter where you are in the country.

We specifically check out Mirador Roc Del Quer and Llac d'Engolasters trails and can't recommend them enough! Llac d'Engolasters is entirely free and a nice relaxing walk around a beautiful lake. They also have a designated bike park with natural ramps and various trails only for mountain bikers. Mirador Roc Del Quer was a bit of a hike up and down hill to get there but the payoff in that view is definitely worth it. I'm terrified of heights personally so I was shaking looking over the edge, but we snapped some great pictures and even off to the side of the main trail it's just beautiful all the way there. This is not a free overlook however so be prepared to spend 5 euro per person and you need cash or you can purchase your ticket online.

Now onto our favorite part: the food! We stayed at the Acta Arthotel in downtown Andorra la Vella and recommend it to anyone looking for pet friendly accommodations that won't cost an arm and a leg. connected to the hotel is Plato Restaurant and we highly recommend checking this out. The Ice cream and sorbet options for room service is particularly delicious. Right next to this hotel is Pitaya, a thai street food restaurant and it was OUTSTANDING.

We are already planning a trip back to Andorra very soon though we hope for it to be covered in snow by the time we return!

Thinking of going to Andorra soon? Save this google maps list of all the best places to visit.

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