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One month down, seven more to go!

As you can probably imagine by the title here - our plans have changed a bit. While we were originally planning on leaving for Peru in December, we realized there was far too much to do and see here in Argentina, specifically Buenos Aires and Mendoza, to leave so soon.

Instead we will be spending a weekend in Montevideo, Uruguay to renew our travel visa then heading to a new AirBnB in Retiro, Buenos Aires until February. At the end of February we're taking a short flight to the other side of Argentina to see Mendoza!

Montevideo, Uruguay was always a necessary stop for us because we knew it would be an easy ferry ride from Buenos Aires to renew our visa, but also because it is supposed to be filled with European style buildings and some great restaurants. We're most (and least) excited to be leaving Arya with a trusted nearby vet and getting some needed alone time before moving into our new stay in Retiro. Our next post will likely be about our trip to Montevideo, so stay tuned for an update here!

Retiro is more centrally located area of Buenos Aires where there are more typical landmarks you might associate with the city. Obelisco, the "BA" letters, Teatro Colón, Palacio Barolo, Museo del Agua y de la Historia Sanitaria, Women's Bridge and more. This part of the city promises to be more historic, vibrant and busy than our current stay which partially sounds exhausting, but very exciting at the same time.

Mendoza on the flip side is calm and relaxing wine country here in Argentina and is widely known as the home of Malbec, but also houses many other wines. One of which being the Torrentes wine, made from the national grape of Argentina: the Torrentes green grape. It also promises beautiful Andes mountain views from almost every angle and is just a short 1.5 hour flight from Buenos Aires.

We'll continue to keep you posted on our travels as we update our plans, but we welcome comments and questions on our postings here so if you have any questions or concerns about visiting Argentina, let us know. Ciao! 👋🏻

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Hello, i Just found your blog ! sharing your journey is amazing for the. Ones that like traveling or fantasize with it ! Keep sharing and stay safe !

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