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New Year, New You?

Happy New Year everyone!

First, I want to say that it's come to our attention that some folks may see our lifestyle today and think we've somehow struck it rich to able to afford eating at all these amazing restaurants and doing all of these amazing things and I promise you all, we're definitely not rich. We simply prioritize travel over one singular physical location and if that's a priority to you, you absolutely can too.

I mention this because the more we connect with like-minded people through nomad meetup programs we also inevitably run into groups just going on vacation completely confused on how we can work and live essentially wherever we want while not being millionaires. While it did take some preparation, perhaps mentally more than physically, it is entirely possible to prepare for this lifestyle in a year or less regardless of your current profession. It's all about what you prioritize more. If you're a car mechanic and prioritize that role over travel then maybe working remotely isn't the best fit for you, but if you're a car mechanic and travel is more important to you than that role I'll be the first to tell you - there's an app for that! And where there's an app there's a remote job.

With most folks over 30 desiring a remote work lifestyle, even if that means simply working from one location, employers are opening their doors to more flexible options for employees. That could mean pulling in an employer of record provider, offering contract work, flexible hourly schedules, and much more. There are thousands of companies being created, getting funding and hiring every day. If you want more information on how to get started with remote work and travel please leave a comment below or connect with me on Linkedin and I'll be happy to help. With that out of the way here's what we've been up to recently!

Tango in Buenos Aires 💃

Earlier this month we booked an Airbnb experience to check out a Milonga (Tango dance hall) with our guide an dance teacher Kevin and learned quite a bit about the history of Tango in the city. First, you may already know Buenos Aires is the home and birthplace of Tango and Tango is of course dance of passion *pause for dramatic effect*, but what we learned is that being a dance of passion it's also all about balance with your partner. It's actually very common for the 'follower' in the dance to close their eyes!

To those that know us personally, it will likely be no surprise that I (Alysha) have trouble following anyone's lead so this was a very helpful way to remember to let the other person lead. It still took a thousand tries, but we got there and certainly had some fun in the process. After a short lesson we headed over to the Milonga to see the experts at work! Highly recommend, we had a lot of fun!

Kayak Trip - Day before NYE!

The day before NYE we met with a group to take a train up to the Tigre delta and kayak at sunset and while the trek was absolutely exhausting, it was also absolutely worth it! Huge shoutout to Joy of Buenos Aires for being our tour guide, definitely recommend connecting with her while you're here, if nothing else to get connected to a lot of other travelers for various activities.

Rooftop Asado - NYE!

While it took us most of the day New Years Eve to recover from the rough waters of the delta we rallied to attend a rooftop asado (bbq) party the next evening, which again we fully recommend! Nacho, Luciano & Jill made sure we had plenty to eat and got to try a variety of Argentine classics. They host these asado parties quite often so check out their booking page here and definitely give them a shout! Did I mention there were also dogs out on the patio while we all danced and drank the night away? An absolutely outstanding way to kick off the new year!

Here's some items on the menu:

  • Blood Sausage

  • Sweetbreads

  • Provoleta

  • Stuffed peppers

  • Steak (so many cuts of beefs)

  • Wine

  • Fernet & Coke

  • Flan

  • and SO much more

Until next time, ciao! 👋🏻

Drop your comments and questions here or hit us up on Instagram to meet up or see more!

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