How do we describe the relationship between sex trafficking and prostitution?

In my most recent class on Social Justice at London School of Theology, I had the opportunity to write my essay on a subject that I have had a lot of personal experience within but had not yet given much academic attention to, that of sex trafficking and prostitution. In my research, I have come to see that there are three primary ways in which people frame the issues related to sex trafficking and prostitution - the abolitionist approach, the war on trafficking approach, and the sex workers rights approach. My essay takes a closer look at especially comparing the abolitionist with the sex workers rights approach by using the elements of the Theological Method.

So here is my essay titled, A Theological Method Critically Applied to the Narratives Used for Sex Trafficking and Prostitution submitted June 29th, 2018 at LST.

graphic: Inka Vigh

Justin and Rawan Shrum -
Founders of The Justice Project

Justin and Rawan live in southern Germany with their three kids, Luke, Angelia, and Lincoln, where they lead a team working to combat Human Trafficking and forced prostitution.

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