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Welcome Post: Hanzi, Alysha & Arya's Departure from the States!

Hi Friends and Family! 👋

We thought it would make sense to document our travels and report out frequently to you all so you can see what we're up to in various countries. First thing first, what in the world are you crazy kids up to traveling the world, isn't that unsafe? 🧐

We got this question a lot as we started to plan our trip so probably best to address it here. We love you all and value your input so thank you for your concern and help, we know it's coming from a great place. The world has a lot to offer and it's important to both of us that we see as much of it as possible so while this may be a difficult thing to understand if that isn't your thing we ask you respect our decision whether you agree with it or not and in return we promise to be as safe and communicative as possible. Thank you for your support!

Before we depart the states we'll be doing a little farewell tour through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California.

  1. First we'll drive to White Sands National Park in New Mexico and stay for 2 days

  2. Then we'll be staying with family in Phoenix, Arizona with Alysha's family for a week

  3. Then we'll drive through Nevada and California to get to Cambria, California and stay for a week

  4. Then we'll fly out of LAX on the last day of the month to finally be in Argentina!

Our plan is somewhat loose, but if you know Alysha in any capacity you know there has to be plan somewhere, so here it is!

  1. First we'll be spending 2.5 months (October to Mid-December) in the beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  2. Second we'll be in Lima, Peru for a minimum of 3 months.

From there we're leaving ourselves open to what makes the most sense for us in that moment. We are taking certain precautions, like verifying Covid-19 restrictions, pet policies in airlines, airports and countries, visa and permit eligibility, etc... to ensure the lowest amount of speed bumps possible. We have a list of about 30+ places we want to visit and continue to research them constantly.

We'll start using visiting permits and visas and it's very common that those last about 3 months. In some countries you can do what is called a "border run" which is essentially leaving the country for a short time so your visiting status can renew and you get another 3 months in that country. It is very common in Argentina to do this as a digital nomad and stay for long periods of time. In other countries they have policies for allowing you to extend your visa easily for, in the case of Colombia, another 3 months allowing you to stay for a year in total (6 months at the end of the year and 6 months at the beginning).

One of the reasons we're holding off on making plans for the 3 leg of our trip is which country will we like better, Argentina or Peru? We could also decide to try another country and hop over to Mexico or Brazil for the next 3 month stint.

We will miss you all dearly so if you get bored please come visit us wherever we are! We are trying our best to stay in places with a spare bedroom because quite a few of you have already mentioned your desire to visit - we MORE than welcome you!! It will inevitably get lonely for us being so far away from everyone we know so we would love for you to visit us while we're out adventuring.

Until September,

- Hanzi, Alysha & Arya 🐶

**Note from future Alysha: Our plans have drastically changed since this original posting! We'll be in Buenos Aires until February 2023 then moving on to Mendoza, Argentina until April or June. Everything is flexible as always, but we just found there was far too much to explore here so we're going to stick around a while!

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