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Top 5 desserts - Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has offered so much more than just fantastic tasting menus and historic buildings, but one of our favorite perks has been discovering new bakeries on every corner! Similar to what you might find in Europe, Buenos Aires seems to take their bread very seriously, which Hans being a German Baker by trade has found to be the highlight of his morning. As with anything, there are hits and misses, so here's few of our greatest hits when it comes to sweet treats of Buenos Aires.

5. Gelato aka Helado from Faricci

Easily our favorite gelato place so far in Buenos Aires. Amazing flavor, creamy straight out of the freezer and so many flavors to choose from all for essentially $4 a kilo (Arya is approximately 3 kilos for scale). By far our favorite has been Dulce de Leche.

4. Eclairs from Cocu Boulangerie

While all the pastries and brunch items from Cocu have been absolutely outstanding, by far the eclairs take the cake (ha) for best pastry here. Several flavors including classic chocolate, pistachio and of course dulce de leche - all of which are mouth watering. Honorable mention to their Kouign Amann as well.

3. Pastries from Boulan

We could easily eat Boulan pastries every morning and never get sick of them. Even the standard medialunas (croissants) are fluffy and tasty, but the quality of handmade dulce de leche in each one is out of this world delicious. I'm not personally a breakfast person, but I crave a dulce medialuna every morning now.

2. Fresh fruit and Ice cream from Alo's Bistro

A crazy mix of very fresh fruit and lightly flavored ice cream that knocked our socks off! We were shocked at how good this dish was for how simple it looked. We also had the delightful benefit of watching the pastry chef, Camilla prepare it for us so we got to see every layer get assembled and were still surprised. This was definitely a treat. Honorable mention to the black fermented apple dessert and the lemon/fresh fruit dessert as well.

1. The "19th course" at Aramburu

This might have partially been the wine pairings at the end of a very long 18 course meal, but the surprise 19th course of 'sweet treats' was a killer combination of sweet, tart, chocolate and cake we absolutely loved. The surprise mojito bite and avocado shaped ice cream definitely deserve an honorable mention but those sweet treats and a final wine pairing was an absolute divine ending to an incredible experience.

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