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Elena - #34

Elena is located in the four seasons hotel in a beautiful sight-seeing area of Buenos Aires. This place is known for its steak, but we were unprepared for just how huge the portions would really be! A lot of the steaks are dry aged in a large fridge visible from the entrance of the restaurant. Reservations were incredibly easy to make here and given the incredibly affordable pricing we actually went here twice in two weeks. #noshame

Our first time however, we enjoyed dry aged beef in the form of a T-Bone and Ribeye as well as roasted pumpkin, provoleta with apricot and onion, smoked mashed potatoes and a dulce de leche crepe for dessert.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

Must try: Dry aged Ribeye & Smoked Mashed potatoes

Downside: The salads are not it. Don't waste belly room!

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