A little bit about Justin...


I am a passionate follower of Jesus which has also led me to be an adoring husband and father, co-founder of The Justice Project, a grassroots organization working to combat human trafficking in Germany, as well as a teacher at a Bible and Missions School and a preacher when the opportunity avails itself. I see myself more as a transplanted Kingdom worker but since I moved to a foreign country in obedience to the Lord and have learned to love and serve in another culture, I guess describing me as a missionary also works.

Life Themes


I have noticed over the last 15 years, a few reaccuring biblical themes that I find great interest in and which I feel passionate about communicating to others. These themes are the following:

  • A vibrant proclamation of the Gospel narrative, where the story of God's global intervention through the person of Jesus of Nazareth becomes real and relevant to the listener.

  • The relationship the believer has with God through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, empowering our hearts to receive and be witness to His incredible love.

  • The message and values of the Kingdom of God. 

  • The role that a sincere expression of social justice plays in the Church's proclamation and  demonstration of the present and coming Kingdom.  

Justin and Rawan live in southern Germany with their three kids, Luke, Angelia, and Lincoln, where they lead a team working to combat Human Trafficking and forced prostitution.

In the beginning of 2007, we were overwhelmed by the call of God to partner with Him in pioneering a work to combat Human Trafficking and forced prostitution. With this calling came the distinct clarity that we were to start this work together with the believing community in Germany. 

Ten years later, through lots of hard work and patience, we stand amazed to see this vision come to fruition as our organization now operates a Safe House, an Outreach Café near the red light district of our city, and a prevention program to youth and young adults in schools. 

For more information, check out our website: www.thejusticeproject.net

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